Consultant, CMO, Non-Exec

Dan Barker has worked across more than 200 brands in areas covering: Strategy, Marketing, Customer Satisfaction, Research, Technology, Data & Analytics. He is currently CMO of a fintech business with 11-figures in assets under management, co-owns some smaller businesses, works as a non-exec, and as a trustee of a charity with activity related to causes including homelessness. This site contains some basic info about Dan (do get in touch if you’d like to chat – [email protected]).


Across the years I’ve worked for over 200 brands in various capacities, having worked in various in-house roles along with many years as an independent consultant. I have worked up to CMO level for companies several times, CMO and CTO for one, as well as board and ownership experience (inc successful business sale). In-house I’ve been responsible for multi-million budgets, and direct responsibility for the revenue-generating side several businesses.

I have been lucky enough to work across many industries, including fintech, ecommerce, broader retail, digital technology, in addition to destinations, banks, publishers, startups, and various other areas outside. This work has sometimes been at an executional level, sometimes purely strategic, and has covered all stages from research & planning, to measurement & optimisation, to leading departments on an interim basis. Some engagements have been very short, to achieve very specific goals; some have lasted a number of years.


Categories I’ve worked in include (in no particular order, and not comprehensive):

  • Finance/Fintech: One of the world’s fastest growing fintech businesses. Two large, multinational banks, one of the world’s largest payment providers, one of the world’s largest money transfer firms, one of the UK’s leading investment & trading websites.
  • Book Publishing: 27 of the world’s best selling authors, via 3 of the world’s largest publishers.
  • Magazines & News Groups: 1 of the world’s largest news publishing groups; a multi-million visit per month national newspaper; 12 trade magazines, half a dozen consumer magazines.
  • Ecommerce & Retail:  More than a dozen high-street retailers (a few with hundreds of stores across multiple countries); categories covering men’s & women’s fashion, toys, furniture, cosmetics, gifts, electronics, a department store group, pets, crafts, footwear, and various others.
  • Luxury: 3 or 4 luxury retailers.
  • Destinations: One of the world’s leading museums, a world-leading opera venue, a UNESCO world heritage site, a couple of the UK’s most well-known tourist destinations, a very well known arts venue.
  • Travel: 3x travel firms.
  • Food & Drink: Several wine retailers (one of the fastest growing in the world, one in the £100m+ a year online category), some of the UK’s best known tea brands.
  • Electronics: 4x electronics brands (inc one of the world’s largest groups), the UK’s largest B2B IT retailer. A very large telecoms company, plus a very small small telecoms company.
  • Sports: A bike retailer, the UK’s leading women’s sports apparel brand, the UK’s oldest skateboard retailer, a US boxing organisation.
  • Learning: 2x large learning charities, 1x multi-national language learning organisation (more than 50m members).
  • Agencies & Consultancies: 3x UX & Service Design agencies, 4 or 5 SEO agencies, a few Analytics & Conversion Optimisation agencies, a few Content agencies.
  • Startups: Several startups in the mobile, video, fashion, publishing, ad-tech, affiliate, retail, analytics, and fintech sectors. One of the world’s leading VC firms.
  • Automotive: A group owning some of the world’s most well known automotive brands (work covered 34 regions, including apps, mobile, web).
  • Legal: Work for 3 legal firms, plus a small amount of Expert Witness work.
  • Recruitment: 12 job sites, plus the UK’s largest ecommerce recrutiment company.
  • Charity: Several charities in the strict sense of the word, some for organisations with charitable status.
  • B2B: Several B2B retailers + various service companies.

Most of this work has been in the UK & Europe, some in the USA, some for companies spanning multiple regions. Some has been with other agencies/consultants, almost all now direct for clients.

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  • Executive Master of Business Administration (Distinction) – HEC Paris
  • Board Governance Certificate (~200hrs)
  • Credit Agricole/HEC M&A Certificate (~200hrs)
  • Leadership in Practice; Customer Analytics & Customer Assessment – UCLA Anderson School of Management
  • Fintech Innovation – Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
  • Stanford Graduate School of Business Leadership Programme
  • First Class Honours Degree – Software Engineering
  • Certificate in Digital Marketing – highest grade among 20+ pro marketers
  • Also studied: Data for Marketing, Brand Strategy, Design Management, F&B Management & Innovation, Behavioural Science in Investments, Luxury Industry, Design Thinking (McKinsey), IT & the Law, Journalism, Photography, Creative Writing, various Google qualifications.
  • Non-Exec director experience of several organisations
  • Written for publications including Econsultancy, New York Observer, Smart Insights, .net Magazine, The Critic, The Mirror, etc.
  • Photographs published by the BBC, Telegraph, Daily Mail, Evening Standard, and many others
  • Judged dozens of awards over around a decade, and won dozens of awards for businesses I’ve worked with