Top 100 UK Journalists on Twitter

Top 100 UK Journalists on Twitter – by Social Influence

Andy Barr & the team over at 10 Yetis released the 2nd version of their “top 100 journalists on Twitter” list.

Their very useful top 100 uses a complex ranking algorithm, summed up by this line:

“Obviously, the nicer journos are to PRs, the higher up they are likely to appear.”

In order to add some pseudo-pseudo-science to the list, I put together this version using PeerIndex, which attempts to rank the top 100 using data around their twitter ‘Authority’, ‘Activity’ & ‘Audience’.

Take a look! Follow them! Share it on Twitter if it’s useful, and be sure to check out 10 Yetis’ original post

The Top 100, Pseudo-Scientifically Ranked:


UK SEO Pricing Infographic

UK SEO Pricing


Here’s an infographic based on the results of a survey of 81 UK agencies & consultancies who provide SEO services.

The background on it is that SEOMoz recently conducted a global SEO pricing survey. The survey covered 500+ agencies & consultancies providing SEO services in various countries across the world. They very kindly released the raw data, so I’ve compiled the results from the 81 UK responses into the below Infographic. (leaning more toward ‘info’ than ‘graphic’).

81 UK Agencies/Consultancies & How they Price SEO Services

UK SEO Prices
(click the graphic for larger version)

Use the Infographic Yourself

Feel free to reuse the graphic. Please do link back to the original SEOMoz post (and to me either here or as @danbarker on twitter).

Here’s some code to embed it on your site if useful:



There are lots of caveats to this data: We don’t know who the respondents were, the original price questions were all in US dollars, though I’ve converted to pounds (often asking in dollars means UK people either guess at the exchange rate, or simply reply as if the question were in pounds), the pool of data is fairly small, questions are paraphrased here, etc.

But there’s valuable stuff there both for SEO companies & for anyone buying SEO services. Take a look at the original post on SEOMoz for more details, and to download the data yourself. (I have no affiliation with SEOMoz – I just liked that they’d put out the raw data, and they agreed I could reuse it if I linked back).


Thanks for reading. Drop me a note on twitter (@danbarker) or leave a comment here with any questions, and do feel free to share this on twitter if you found it useful.