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The John Lewis Email Spam Fine

Part of the email marketing industry in the UK is built around this phrase: ‘in the course of a sale or negotiations for the sale of a product or service’. Those are the conditions under which – if you have collected an email address – you are allowed to send marketing emails (b2c), even if […]

UKIP – Powered By Foreign Technology

The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) have launched a new advertising campaign. It hinges on 2 key messages: Foreign labour is damaging the UK. Much of UK law is controlled from overseas. Here are two of their posters covering these issues:   Based on this, you may think they’d be keen on UK technology. Yet […]

The Mirror’s Crying Child Photo – Not All That it Seems

Here’s the front cover of the Daily Mirror. A haunting image of a starving British child, crying their eyes out. Only… the child is from the Bay Area, and the photo was purchased from Flickr via Getty Images… Here’s the source of the original image: https://www.flickr.com/photos/laurenrosenbaum/4084544644/ (Here’s a happier one taken the following day: https://www.flickr.com/photos/laurenrosenbaum/4086511962/. Apparently she was […]

How the US Airways Tweet Happened

If you’re reading this, you will know that US Airways sent an incredibly lewd photo to one of their passengers in response to a complaint. Here is the massively censored version of the Tweet: The 2 Key Events: Very shortly before the US Airways tweet, the @ARTxDEALER Twitter account posted ‘the photo’, addressing the Tweet […]

How to Beat 2-Factor Authentication

You may have noticed these fake ‘Log into Google’ pages appearing more and more. They (and equivalents for other services) have very quickly become one of the main ways hackers use to steal other users’ accounts: (look carefully at the URL) The usual solution put forward to avoid falling for these is to ‘use 2-factor […]

An Interview with Apple’s Founder

Here is an interview with the founder of a company that’s played a fair-sized part in shaping the modern world: Apple. Below you’ll find a 2,000 word interview where he very kindly gives his insights and advice on careers, regret, misconceptions, and the characteristics behind Apple’s success. Which Apple Founder? If you asked 1,000 people […]

Twitter Is Telling Google Not to Follow Your Links

Over the last couple of years, Twitter silently changed the way they treat any links you include in tweets. In doing so, they have given themselves a very nice competitive advantage in lots areas, but they’ve also silently taken away the ability for search engines to follow the links you post to Twitter. Here’s what Twitter changed: […]

#RoundUpYourMates – Did Guinness’s Ad Experiment Backfire?

Guinness, one of the world’s most well-known brands, just carried out a fairly interesting ad campaign. One that looks to have sprung forth from concepts like ‘integrating online & offline’, ‘content marketing’, ‘earned media’, and lots of other buzzphrases. Here’s what they did: Bought up all of the ad space during one of the UK’s most […]

Daily Mail Comment UX Update

The Daily Mail are testing an update to their Comment UX. It’s easy to ignore comments, and their usefulness, but take a look at a few of the Daily Mail’s articles, count up the number of comments & the number or ratings on those comments, make an estimate as to what percentage of people bother […]