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Not Provided Kit

Download the free ‘Not Provided’ kit. Since October 2011, Google has gradually hidden away data about the keywords used by people to find your site. The “Not Provided” Kit is a set of simple add-ons for Google Analytics (put together by me – @danbarker) to help you understand what’s happening now that data is absent. […]

Goldman Sachs, Bloomberg, and Data Literacy

The biggest finance/data story of the month is that “Bloomberg snooped on Goldman Sachs”. Here is one of the dozens (thousands) of articles covering it: http://theweek.com/article/index/244050/is-bloomberg-news-spying-on-goldman-sachs What’s the fuss about? This is the summary of the story: Most banks & financial institutions use Bloomberg systems to gather information about financial markets. Bloomberg record data on who […]

6 Free Realtime Google Analytics Dashboards

Here is a collection of 6 free ‘Realtime‘ Google Analytics Dashboards that you can use for any website. The 6 Dashboards are as follows: Realtime Overview Realtime Channels Realtime Geographic Info Realtime Organic Search Realtime Content Realtime Social Media Each of the dashboards is designed to be functional in the real world, and each is designed […]

Job Ads for Amazon’s First Retail Store

Amazon seem to be preparing to open their first retail store according to recruitment ads starting to appear on the web. If the ads are genuine, the store will apparently be in East London, in Westfield Stratford (the same site as the London Olympics). There has been no official announcement from Amazon, and this hasn’t […]

The Guardian’s Terms & Conditions: Worse than Instagram?

The Guardian have launched a new ‘user content’ site in collaboration with EE called “Guardian Witness”, they are now urging users to post their content to the site at https://witness.guardian.co.uk. The site itself is nice and slick, as you’d expect if EE’s tech team has been involved. The official announcement is full of comments criticising The […]

100 Digital Publishing Influencers

Here’s a list of ‘100 digital publishing influencers’, put together by: 1. Archiving tweets from the #digiconf13 hashtag. 2. Compiling a set of twitter stats for everyone using the hashtag. 3. Running that through peerindex’s (somewhat arbitrary) ‘influence’ ranking tools. Drop me a note at @danbarker with any questions. It’s not perfect, but it shows it’s […]

Google Analytics Realtime: 3 New Features

Google Analytics have updated their ‘Realtime’ features. There are 3 main updates: Realtime Dashboard Widgets. Realtime Event Reports. Realtime Segmentation by Desktop / Mobile / Tablet. Here are some screengrabs & notes on each of the changes: New Feature 1. Realtime Dashboard Widgets: Google have added ‘realtime’ widgets to dashboards. The tool to add those […]

FT.com Subscription – Choose Your Price

It’s very much worth testing the price of your app or service, but also worth trying to avoid having too many different prices visible to potential customers at the same time when you’re running different tests and segmented offers. Here are 8 examples of different prices for FT.com subscription, all found within a couple of […]

Google Analytics: Creating Automatic “Bot Alert” Emails

‘Bots’ often cause problems for website owners. Among many negative effects, they often damage the accuracy & precision of web analytics data, and cause website owners to make faulty decisions. This comes up at least once a month with clients, and I’d spotted the great @peter_oneill, @matt_4ps, & @danieljtruman talking about it on twitter so […]