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Google Analytics Overview Charts – UI Change

Here’s another small tweak to the Google Analytics user interface. The charts in ‘Overview’ reports used to be pinned to the left, even if you were using a very, very wide screen. Now, they concertina out depending on the width of your screen. (not shown in the screengrab below, they also now label these with […]

Nine Google Analytics Changes

Nine Google Analytics Changes   Google Analytics have rolled out a series of fairly big changes to their User Interface. They do this every so often, either to incorporate extra functionality, or simply to clean up the user interface & improve user experience. (See the tweaks they made last time, for example).  This time around […]

One Hundred & Fifty Fashion Ecommerce Homepages

150 Fashion Ecommerce Homepages   In this post you’ll find a selection of 150 Fashion Ecommerce Homepages listed in alphabetical order. Each has been captured on a 1920×1080 screen, so you can see where they’re responsive, where they’re left-aligned, centred, etc. Some are higher end, some are lower. Some sell things other than clothes. Some […]

Site Speed Benchmarking

Google Analytics & Site Speed – Benchmark Report I’m putting together a free ‘Google Analytics Site Speed’ benchmark report at the moment (an ebook basically), as I’ve specifically been asked about it by a few clients who are really interested in site speed, but have had trouble with the standard Google Analytics info. I thought […]

Google’s 300 Million User Olympic Experiment

Google’s Enormous Olympic Experiment Google have launched lots and lots of Olympic content within their main search results. They have also created a neat user interface to join all of this together and, in doing so, have essentially created a giant Olympics ‘website’ with tens of thousands of pages, all integrated directly among search results […]

Increase the Chance Readers Will Share Your Content

How to Improve the Chance Readers Will Click Your ‘Like’, ‘Tweet’ & ‘Share’ Buttons This blog post offers 5 simple steps to improve the likelihood that readers will tweet, share, like, or ‘plussify’ (is there a word for google+?) your content. As ever, this will not work if your content has no natural value (or […]

Joey Barton’s Self Promoted Tweets

Is Joey Barton Paying for Twitter Followers? Joey Barton is a premiership footballer & is a well-known/controversial celebrity (if you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard of him). During the last day of the premiership his name trended on Twitter for a while in the UK after he ‘seemed to’ attempt to headbutt & kick a […]

The Amazon Percentage Trick

The Amazon Percentage Trick Can you spot the numeric trick Amazon is using in the image below? It tricked Techdirt  into saying “books increased between about 4,000% and 6,500%. Yes, that’s multi-thousands of percent increases”. Amazon have gained masses of PR & links as a result of this simple little trick over the years, and […]

12 Large Companies Who Don’t Own Their Main Domain

12 Companies Who Forgot to Buy Their Dotcom Domains I’ve helped a few companies buy ‘their’ domain names from other owners over the last few years. Usually it’s either ‘very easy and expensive’, ‘hard but cheaper’, or just ‘totally impossible’. Here’s a very quick post showing some dotcoms who likely fit into the ‘impossible’ category, […]

The Impact of Small Changes

The Impact of Small Improvements In situations where there is a chain of events, very small improvements within the chain can yield big end results. Most digital marketing/website user journeys are like this. As a silly example, the chart below shows how a brand could increase their ’email revenue’ from £391,500 to £500,772, simply by […]