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Google Analytics & Site Speed – Benchmark Report

I’m putting together a free ‘Google Analytics Site Speed’ benchmark report at the moment (an ebook basically), as I’ve specifically been asked about it by a few clients who are really interested in site speed, but have had trouble with the standard Google Analytics info.

I thought I’d open that up to other people here, either to be included in the benchmarking, or to receive the free report. The report will include:

  • How Google Analytics calculates site speed data, and how to improve data collection to improve it.
  • All of the caveats, how you can avoid them, and how to easily get more meaningful numbers from Google Analytics itself.
  • Actual benchmark data from a series of (anonymised) websites. (so that rather than asking “is 5 seconds average good?” you can see data for other sites)
  • How to compare your site against the benchmarks, and how to track site speed ongoing.
I have about 20 sites signed up so far to be included in the benchmarking. Most are in the 100k-1million visits per month range, with a couple smaller and a couple much larger. If you’d like one of your sites to be included in the benchmarking, please do fill in your info below.
Equally, if you’d just like a copy of the free report when it’s complete, fill in your info below.

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 Thanks! And do feel free to pass this along to anyone else you think may find it useful.

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