Joey Barton’s Self Promoted Tweets

Is Joey Barton Paying for Twitter Followers?

Joey Barton is a premiership footballer & is a well-known/controversial celebrity (if you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard of him).

During the last day of the premiership his name trended on Twitter for a while in the UK after he ‘seemed to’ attempt to headbutt & kick a couple of opposing players.

But this is a note about his twitter use, rather than his life as a footballer.

Here’s a screengrab of his timeline:

The odd thing you may notice there is the orange ‘Promoted Tweet’ icon underneath the top tweet. Here’s a close-up:

You’ll see there the line reads ‘Promoted by Joseph Barton’ – ie. Joey Barton seems to have ‘promoted’ the tweet himself.

‘Promoted Tweets’ are very common among advertisers, but are pretty much unheard of for individuals. Here’s what it means to promote a tweet:

In other words: Twitter says Joey Barton is promoting his tweets. Twitter says that promoted tweets are paid for. Therefore it looks like Joey Barton is paying to promote his tweets in order to reach a wider audience.

Strange, & quite clever. What do you think?

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    • admin
      admin says:

      thanks, Jason. I think he was locked up years ago 😉

      An interesting character. Obviously very clever alongside the stupid anger.

    • admin
      admin says:

      thanks, Bill,

      it was definitely promoted yesterday (the post was written yesterday!) – I couldn’t say about the day before.

      From various twitter counter tools, his followers bumped up 17k yesterday and 13k the day before. This is vs between 3k-4k on an average day.

      You could imagine it would bump up 17k yesterday, as he got a lot of coverage. (although no doubt a lot of unfollows too?)

      13k the day before is strange though – especially as he wasn’t actively using twitter that day?



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