(Not Provided) – A Google Analytics Tweak

A Small Google Analytics Tweak to Assist SEO Analysis

Now that Google are hiding lots of interesting search data behind an anonymous ‘(not provided)’ line, I’ve posted a  little tutorial over on Econsultancy on how to make a little Google Analytics tweak I’ve been using to make SEO analysis a little bit easier.

Here’s the post: “How to steal some ‘(not provided)’ data back from Google

And here’s a summary of the hack, if you’re already savvy with GA filters:

Something interesting I spotted as a result:

  • All of the feedback on Twitter / via email is really positive.
  • On the post itself though, 4 of the 22 comments essentially say “I don’t get it?

Where the comments are “I don’t get it?” I think I could have avoided that by including an extra screengrab showing the hack in context. I’ve included one showing it in action, but not in context.

Take a look at the post & feel free to add to the comments.
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