Top 100 UK Journalists on Twitter

Top 100 UK Journalists on Twitter – by Social Influence

Andy Barr & the team over at 10 Yetis released the 2nd version of their “top 100 journalists on Twitter” list.

Their very useful top 100 uses a complex ranking algorithm, summed up by this line:

“Obviously, the nicer journos are to PRs, the higher up they are likely to appear.”

In order to add some pseudo-pseudo-science to the list, I put together this version using PeerIndex, which attempts to rank the top 100 using data around their twitter ‘Authority’, ‘Activity’ & ‘Audience’.

Take a look! Follow them! Share it on Twitter if it’s useful, and be sure to check out 10 Yetis’ original post

The Top 100, Pseudo-Scientifically Ranked:


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