This site uses cookies. At the time of writing the technology that places those cookies is roughly as follows:

  • Twitter – the site uses a tweet/follow button occasionally, which uses cookies. If you’re logged in to Twitter, this may mean they know you’ve been to particular URLs.
  • Google Analytics – the site uses various pretty standard Google Analytics cookies. This tracks the pages you’re looking at, when you look at them, but does not record any personally identifiable info.
  • AddThis – I’m not actually a fan of AddThis & their policies, but the site currently uses it. I believe this tracks your IP address.
  • Google Tag Manager – essentially a tool to allow other technologies to be managed on the site in an easy way.
  • WordPress – the content management system I use for the site, which sets & reads various cookies to see whether you have previously logged in, whether you are currently logged in, etc.

If you’re concerned about cookies generally, I’d recommend you use the following tools:

  • Ghostery – a tool that allows you to see which tracking technologies most sites use.
  • Privacy Badger – basically a more aggressive version of Ghostery, created by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. This also allows you to block tracking technologies to a quite granular level.
  • BuiltWith – a very nice tool that lets you see a little more about sites, including the technology ‘stack’ they’re built on, etc.

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