Ecommerce Consultancy

Dan Barker has worked as an Ecommerce Consultant for many years, helping businesses in the UK, across Europe, in the USA, and within Asia & the Pacific.

About Dan’s Ecommerce Consultancy Work

I was originally a software developer, and worked on several ecommerce sites within the UK & Europe. Since then I’ve held several Ecommerce roles within companies, managing the Ecommerce & Digital Marketing channels for a UK retailer that reached £60m a year online fairly early on, followed by a couple of catalogue retailers making the transition to become Ecommerce companies, followed by ‘virtual CMO’ and full CMO roles at a couple of international retailers.

For the last 7 or 8 years I’ve freelanced working across many companies, helping more than a dozen high street retailers to grow their ecommerce channel, along with many pureplays – from small startup businesses to those turning over 9 figures per year.

Pure Ecommerce work has covered everything from planning & research, to strategy & business model creation, to ecommerce platform relaunches & other technical work, to mentoring and more hands on work. Outside of this I’ve helped with individual areas of the Ecommerce channel – from analytics & measurement, to digital marketing, to user experience & customer experience work.

If you’d like a chat – even if simply to talk shop – do get in touch.