I carry a camera around most of the time, which means I often get asked what kind of photos I take. This page exists mostly to answer that question. Do read the captions for context, do feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


A man takes his grandaughter for a walk around The Barbican, London.

1am in Central London.


Light refracts off wind-blown waves. Whitley Bay, England.


A woman chats to a homeless man on the step outside The Lady Magazine’s office on Bedford Street, Covent Garden


Tourists take photographs outside the National Gallery in London at night, while a street cleaner removes the bins.


Lucy on the grass within the London 2012 Olympic Park.


Tired ‘peace’ sign from within her coffee stall. Tottenham Court Road, London.


A couple at the edge of the water. Derbyshire, England.


Icelandic singers. Barcelona, Spain.


Workers remove the Christmas Tree from Covent Garden.


Two men watch a football match on a laptop, borrowing Wi-Fi from a coffee shop.


Two figures walk in the fog. Ships in the distance behind them.


A man rests his baby outside a Kebab shop while he waits for food.


A cyclist rides over rocks. Surprise View, Derbyshire.


Clear bunting breaks the sky. Covent Garden.


Wilton Chemical Plant, the inspiration for the look of Blade Runner.


A young woman takes a lunch break nap in a London park.


A Car Park in Sheffield, England.


A couple laugh in the back of a rickshaw, its driver holding a £20 note in his teeth as the snow begins to fall.


Surfers and walkers line the shore of Long Sands beach, as ships wait on the horizon.


A young boy jumps puddles on the beach outside the Rendezvous Café.


A man sleeping in an upside down sleeping bag, two women with a wheelchair, and an onlooker, outside the V&A Museum, London.


A woman powders her nose, walking past Harrods, London.


Models and walkers, Great Portland Street, London.


Brighton Beach at Midnight.


The end of the afternoon Rush Hour, St Paul’s Cathedral in the distance.


A homeless woman sits in the afternoon sun, resting against the wall of Coutts private bank.


A woman walks past the Peabody Trust Wild Street Estate.


Walkers chat, stood on a rock beneath the clouds in the Peak District.


Walkers outside the Hayward Gallery & Royal Festival Hall, London.


Live Bees. This Way Up.


A cut of light above the PWC building, Embankment, London.




Cash Jackpot.


An Actress poses for photographers outside the BAFTA awards ceremony.


An Umbrella & a Sun Dress. Great Portland Street, London.


A man sits on an overground. Wimbledon, London.


Bush House, the original location of Room 101, at the point the building closed for redevelopment.


The Heygate Estate, abandoned other than a handful of residents. Southwark, South London.


A Street Preacher stands outside BHS. Oxford Street, London.


Tens of thousands of Sikhs march in London, lead by a group of 5 men with swords.


The last supper.


Two elderly women & a child survey an empty lagoon. Southern France.


Lithuanian feet.


Rollerbladers in the afternoon sun. Waterloo Bridge, London.


A couple pose for wedding photographs in the middle of the road.


Between the palms. Meze, France.


Red & Black. Chandos Place, London.


White Horse at Midnight.


An impromptu dance-off between a group of street dancers & a group returning from a birthday party.


Ice Cream Van.


A street masseur kneads a woman’s back. An arrest takes place in the background.


A  man helps a young boy across the rocks. Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland.


Happy Land. Everything Must Go.


Travelers sleep in front of an empty Punch & Judy display. St Pancras.


Park Hill, Sheffield.


A woman poses with a cardboard transformer. Her friend eats an ice lolly.


Silicon Roundabout.


Several groups wait at a bus stop. Wool Station, Dorset.


A small girl protects herself from the sun with an umbrella. Whitechapel, London.


A family of London Lovers. Leicester Square.


A group in Fancy Dress. Easdale, Scotland.


Reflected blue light. Parker Street, Covent Garden.


A man returns from a weekend shift protecting a building site. Sheffield.


A topless man takes a photograph from a building, as a crowd stands at the edge of a wall. Panama Swimming Club, Whitley Bay.


A meeting taking place. Trocadero, London, shortly before it closed.


The Golden Man of Wimbledon travels up and down the high street occasionally, purely for fun.


A bus driver takes a moment to rest his eyes.


A group of women utterly ignore a homeless man huddled on the ground immediately beside them.


A young couple ignore the CCTV cameras. Waterloo Station.


A man walks with a pillow on his head, outside the short-lived ‘New American Burger’ on The Strand, London.


A man stands asleep in the street. His zip undone.


A rickshaw driver takes a break outside TGI Friday’s.


Two shoppers stand in the green glow of a closed shop. London.


A man yawns, as he walks past a public art display.


A worker leans over a third floor balcony to clean the glass.


A wedding couple, among the rocks. Tynemouth.


A homeless man shelters in the doorway of one of London’s Theatres.


A very bright spot among the grey. Houston, Texas.


Lucy in the afternoon light. London.


A woman drives a horse & cart, smoking, at midnight.


A shop called ‘Student’.


A man pauses to make a cigarette.


A young couple, full of joy, paused at the lights. She spotted my camera & gave me a big smile.


A red, white, yellow and black scene. Westminster.


A red & black scene. Holborn.


A blue, brick and beige scene. Sloane Square.


Several people hold fighters back. A man in blue holds a weapon beneath his coat, behind his back.


A group of kickboxers practice on the street, in the pouring rain. Kew.


The Lady, being Painted.


A group of women, walking the streets taking selfies to send home. Newcastle.


The Tower of London.


Above a river. This scene is on the Eurostar route from London to France, around 10 minutes before entering the tunnel.


Artangel’s Spectre installation. The Houses of Parliament, London.


Lucy, stood in the light. Southern France.


Jessica in the early evening. South London.

A group of men, sleeping in the rough grass outside the National Gallery. London.


Bedford Street, full of chairs.


A man works on his laptop in the street.


A group of men swimming in the North Sea.


An older woman sits in a condemned shelter, going through her purse.


A group of protesters block traffic in the rain on their way to the Houses of Parliament.


A young couple eat Christmas Dinner in a steak house.

A worker goes out the back to smoke, among dozens of air conditioning fans.

Three sisters.

Excess Baggage.

Night time walkers, during a London tube strike.

Old Silver Birch, in the wind.

Outside a theatre, day.


Outside a theatre, night.

A group of young stags.

A man sleeps on Charing Cross Road.

Travelers wait, blank-faced, to see whether a computer will allow them to enter the UK.

A spot of sunlight, late in the day.

A boy wipes tears away on Oxford Street. A woman chats, as she counts on rosary beads.

The London skyline blurs into rain & fog.


A dancer at midnight.

A cyclist rides off, into the hills.

Light fading at the end of a year.