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100 Web Analytics People to Follow on Twitter

I thought I’d put together this ‘100 Web Analytics People to Follow on Twitter’ list. Click on any of their @names to jump to their Twitter profile. The people on the list are all gathered from the #measure hashtag, and are ranked automatically by PeerIndex’s black box algorithm. If you’d like to be added to […]

Google’s Chromebook Pixel Strategy

Google’s new Chromebook Pixel is very, very high spec, and very expensive. The most common response so far seems to be: “Why would you pay more than £1,000 for a chromebook??” The answer to that is – I think – 2 things. The first is immediately obvious, the second is not obvious. 1. Trying to ‘out-Apple […]

Google Analytics – Hours & Days Report

Here is a free Google Analytics report showing visits, pageview, bounce rate, and visitor type metrics in a couple of ways you don’t often see them: By ‘Hour of Day’ By ‘Day of Week’ There are 2 versions of the report, one for ‘all sites’, and one for ‘ecommerce’ sites: Here’s the report: http://bit.ly/hrdreport (there are […]

Mobile Device Orientation

Which way do people hold their phones/tablets when browsing websites? Here’re the results of a little experiment in ‘Mobile Device Orientation’. There are only about 1,500 visits here, but interesting nonetheless: This shows info ‘on load’ of pages, but it is broadly similar on this site when factoring in people who rotate the device after the […]

Marketing an Ecommerce Site on a £10k Budget

Here are lots of good, useful, interesting answers to the hypothetical question: “How would you market an ecommerce site on a £10k per year budget?”. [View the story “£10k Marketing Budget Challenge” on Storify] £10k Marketing Budget Challenge What would you do if you had a fixed £10k budget to market an ecommerce site for […]

Can Algorithms Break the Law?

Here’s a breakdown of how 2 of the most prominent search algorithms on the web appear to be presenting information that it would be illegal for you or I to communicate. The first is the Twitter search algorithm, tweaked recently in a way which (inadvertently) increases the likelihood of people finding out ‘illegal’ information. The second […]

10 Google Analytics Site Speed Tips

Google Analytics has a set of ‘speed’ reports, found under the the ‘Content’ left-hand navigation item. Here are 10 very quick “Google Analytics Site Speed” tips, collected together for ease of reading: All of the load speed data in Google Analytics is taken from users’ browsers themselves, so is fairly accurate. The browser stores all this […]

Acid Attacks & Online Crime Research

There’s a story in the news at the moment about a woman (Naomi Oni) who was attacked with acid on the way home from work, almost lost her sight as a result, and had her skin badly burned. The Follow-up Story: “Was it self-inflicted????” A series of follow-up stories ask “Did she actually do this […]

The Next Big Challenge for Responsive Design

Here’s a graph showing interest in the phrase ‘Responsive Design’ over the last couple of years: Responsive design is (as you probably know) where you design a website/pages in such a way that the content displays differently on different devices. Usually that means navigation/content is organised differently  on phone vs desktop/laptop (and sometimes differently on […]

Google Plus UI Tweaks

They’ve just changed (quite significantly) the way the ‘+1’ & ‘share’ buttons on Google+ posts look. I thought it would be worth going back and looking at how things looked when it first launched vs how it looks now. Below are 2 screengrabs of exactly the same Google+ post, 18 months apart. The first image […]